Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy

Vaginal discharge is one of the symptoms of pregnancy that often catches people off guard.  Your cervical mucous usually changes and may become more prominent.  It often appears as a yellowish discharge during the onset of pregnancy.  This discharge may appear dark bluish or purplish-red and is thicker.

What causes vaginal discharge during pregnancy?

In increase and change of vaginal discharge is caused by the rapid increase and stimulation from your pregnancy related hormones.

When does vaginal discharge during pregnancy occur?

It may be a symptom that you experience even before missing your period.  It will probably continue through most of the first half of pregnancy.

How frequently does vaginal discharge during pregnancy occur?

Vaginal discharge is a physiological response that should be expected during pregnancy.  Almost all women report some change in their cervical mucous; it is fair to state that you should expect to see a change in your cervical mucous.

What about vaginal discharge during pregnancy should raise concerns?

It is important to contact your health care provider if your vaginal discharge is accompanied by itching, burning or a strong odor.


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