Third Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

The third trimester is typically where the impatience develops.  You have been pregnant for six months now and you are getting close to calling it done.   You have more pregnancy weight, you have developed the waddle walk, and generally there is just more discomfort with getting around.

Each woman may experience their symptoms differently and as noted, your symptoms may vary from previous pregnancies. 

Below is a list of pregnancy symptoms that are characteristic of the Third trimester:


Appetite Changes – The cravings or aversions that were present in the first trimester are probably gone or at least less pronounced.  Your appetite may still be elevated to be surprised if it levels out some.  Make sure you continue to eat well balanced meals for both you and the baby.

Shortness of Breath – The developing baby and enlarged uterus will drop during this trimester taking pressure off of your diaphragm.  This will probably take away any shortness of breath that you might have been experiencing.


Skin Pigmentation  – It is possible that you noticed the darkening of your skin during the first trimester, but this symptom usually develops more once you enter into the second trimester.  Darkening usually occurs around the nipples, vulva, armpits, and inner thighs. 

Breast Changes – Your breast will continue to develop and prepare for breastfeeding after the delivery of your baby.  These changes may include tingly, tenderness, soreness, heaviness, and feeling full. 

Road Ligament Pain – The round ligament pain that you may have developed during the second trimester will probably become more pronounced this trimester.  You have more loosening, softening, and stretching of your ligaments which may cause pain typically noticed on your side. 

Quickening – Quickening refers to your baby’s first movements that you feel.  Your baby’s movement will be felt throughout the third trimester and probably become more pronounced and sometimes even uncomfortable.  As you near delivery, the baby’s movements may slow down or lessen because of the limited space to move.

Heartburn – Any heartburn that you have experienced will probably become more prevalent as the uterus expands and pushes the stomach upwards.  This has a tendency to force gastric acids upwards.

Skin Changes – It is common to notice that your fingernails may grow faster.  You may also find skin tags under your arms or around your breasts, new moles, heat rash, or blotchy patches.  You will also probably see stretch marks develop around your breast and abdomen. 


Colostrum – This is a yellow, watery pre-milk that may leak from your breasts.  You may have experienced in the second trimester, but it is more likely a third trimester symptom.

Swelling – Although as your pregnancy continues you will notice swelling in other areas, it is quite common to notice that your fee and ankles are beginning to swell.

Contractions – During the third trimester you will develop contractions.  More than likely these will be Braxton Hicks contractions which are not symptoms of labor.  These are sporadic contractions and less intense that pending labor contractions.

Urine Leakage – Do not be surprised if you experience urine leakage, particularly when you cough, sneeze, or laugh.  The developing baby and enlarged uterus are placing pressure on your bladder.  This may also cause you to go to the bathroom more often. 


 Itchy Palms – You may notice that your palms become red and itchy during this trimester.

Linea Nigra – The Linea Nigra that showed up during the second trimester will stay with you through the birth of your child and probably for a few weeks afterwards.

Constipation – Unfortunately constipation that may have developed during the first or second trimesters will probably continue until after the birth of your baby.