Swollen Gums During Pregnancy

It is quite possible that you will experience swollen gums during your pregnancy; they may seem spongy or friable.  Subsequently, you may have gum sensitivity or even bleeding.  The good news is this usually returns to normal shortly after you deliver.

What causes swollen gums during pregnancy?

Much of the puffiness and swelling is related to the increased blood volume and circulation.  The average increase is 30 to 50% whereas some larger women may experience up to a 100% increase.  Additionally, your body retains fluid throughout your pregnancy and this also contributes to your swelling.

When do swollen gums occur during pregnancy?

Although swelling may be noticed as early as the 10th week of pregnancy it is much more common later in the second trimester.  The increased blood volume and circulation begins in the first trimester and continues into the second trimester. As it continues, the likelihood of gum swelling and softening increases.

How frequently do swollen gums occur?

Swelling is expected during your pregnancy and approximately 50% of all pregnant women notice swelling in their face.  About 80% of women experience the softening of the gums, however the specific percentage gum bleeding is not known.


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