Second Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

The second trimester is typically considered the most comfortable and enjoyable semester during pregnancy.  The second trimester usually looses some of the symptoms of the first trimester like nausea or morning sickness and it is not accompanied by the discomfort associated with the growth and weight of the third trimester. 

Similarly, the second trimester is like the first trimester in that each woman will experience the symptoms differently and you may even experience your symptoms differently from previous pregnancies. 

Below is a list of pregnancy symptoms that are characteristic of the second trimester: 


Nausea and morning sickness – You should discover that this symptom has disappeared or at least subsided quite a bit.  Unfortunately for some, this symptom may continue. 

Fatigue – Although you may be still feeling tired now and then, this symptom also tends to lessen during the second trimester.

Bleeding – Your implantation or breakthrough bleeding should cease by the second trimester.  If you experience any bleeding from this point forward, it is important to check in with your health care provider.


 Skin Pigmentation  – It is possible that you noticed the darkening of your skin during the first trimester, but this symptom usually develops more once you enter into the second trimester.  Darkening usually occurs around the nipples, vulva, armpits, and inner thighs.

Breast Changes – Your breast will continue to develop and prepare for breastfeeding after the delivery of your baby.  These changes may include tingly, tenderness, soreness, heaviness, and feeling full. 


Road Ligament Pain – Your ligaments in your abdomen are loosening, softening, and stretching to allow your pelvis to change and prepare for delivery.  They may be some pain or discomfort associated with your ligaments.

Quickening – This symptom normally occurs between 18 to 20 weeks of your pregnancy.  As always some people may notice this earlier or later. 

Itchy Palms – You may notice that your palms become red and itchy during this trimester.

Skin Changes – It is common to notice that your fingernails may grow faster.  You may also find skin tags under your arms or around your breasts, new moles, heat rash, or blotchy patches.  You will also probably see stretch marks develop around your breast and abdomen.

Linea Nigra – Although this could also be considered a skin change, it is listed separately because of the uniqueness. This is a dark line that may appear down the middle of your stomach from your navel to your pubic hair.

Swelling – Although as your pregnancy continues you will notice swelling in other areas, it is quite common to notice that your fee and ankles are beginning to swell. 


Constipation – Unfortunately constipation that may have developed during the first trimester will probably continue.

Heartburn – Similar to constipation, any heartburn that arrived during the first trimester will probably continue if not worsen as the uterus expands and pushes the stomach upwards.  This has a tendency to force gastric acids upwards.

 Appetite Changes – During the first trimester you probably noticed changes in your appetite that may have been cravings or aversions to certain foods.  You appetite changes may still continue, but you will probably notice that you have general tendency to eat more often because of an increase in your appetite.