Pregnancy Symptoms Checklist

It is possible that with your pregnancy that you will have no symptoms, all the symptoms or any combination of symptoms. More than likely you will be experiencing some combination of the symptoms of pregnancy. It is fair to say that the more pregnancy symptoms that you are experiencing the more likely that you are pregnant.

Here is a checklist of early pregnancy symptoms that you are more likely to experience at the first onset of pregnancy:

  • __Implantation Bleeding
  • __Missed Period
  • __Fatigue
  • __Headaches
  • __Change in Appetite
  • __Morning Sickness
  • __Nausea (with or without vomiting)
  • __Tender or Sore Breasts
  • __Light Vaginal Bleeding
  • __Vaginal Discharge

Here is a list of pregnancy symptoms separated by their type of symptom or category of change:


  • __Tender or Sore Breasts
  • __Darkening of Areolas
  • __Swollen or enlarged
  • __Tingling


  • __Absent Mindedness
  • __Emotional Changes
  • __Mood Swings


  • __Discharge
  • __Implantation Bleeding
  • __Missed Period
  • __Periodic Bleeding


  • __Skin Changes
  • __Lower Backache
  • __Headaches
  • __Heartburn
  • __Change in Appetite
  • __Fatigue
  • __Food Cravings
  • __Frequent Urination
  • __Hair Loss / Changes
  • __Morning Sickness
  • __Nausea
  • __Hemorrhoids
  • __Hiccups
  • __Teeth Sensitivity
  • __Incontinence
  • __Gas
  • __Vomiting


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