Symptoms of Pregnancy

Welcome to the index page for Symptoms of Pregnancy which is a comprehensive guide to understanding your pregnancy symptoms. The first part of this index page presents articles that provide an overview of the signs of pregnancy from different perspectives. You will even find an article that examines alternative reasons for the symptoms you might be experiencing.  Many of these articles are taken from information noted in the pregnancy symptoms article of the American Pregnancy Association.

Pregnancy Symptoms by Symptom

This part of the index page looks at the individual symptoms of pregnancy. In each article you will find the frequency that the symptom occurs during pregnancy, possible alternative explanations for the symptom, and what the expectation should be if it is a symptom of pregnancy.

Symptoms of Pregnancy by Semester

This part of the index provides information based on what symptoms you experience during each trimester. Each article discusses the probabilities and the possibilities for the various symptoms during each stage of pregnancy.

Helpful Pregnancy Information

Pregnancy – If you already know you are pregnant, please visit the American Pregnancy Association for helpful information and resources to make the most of your pregnancy.Nurse Hotline – A quick place to find nurse and other health professional services to help you meet the needs you have.Ovulation Calendar – A quick and easy tool to help you track your ovulation if you are trying to get pregnant.

Abortion information can be accessed through the Association as well.

If you are looking at traveling during your pregnancy, it might prove helpful to know when to go for the places you want to visit.